Rack inspection

Do your warehouse racks have to be inspected to ensure everything is safe? Requesting an inspection is advisable and mandatory for employers to keep the warehouse in optimal condition. You can always contact Wijkeurenstellingen.nl for an independent and expert inspection of all your warehouse racks.

Working efficiently and safely

The warehouse is often equipped to work as efficiently as possible.

We look at walking paths and speeds to ensure everything runs smoothly and give your employees the space to work efficiently. This could potentially be at the expense of warehouse safety, where employers are required to create a safe working environment.

Regular inspections of racks ensure you are assured of the optimal quality of the racks. You do everything you can to increase or maintain safety in the warehouse and efficiency.


Racking parts inspection

During the execution of the inspection rack, a number of points are checked at which your warehouse must be inspected per the applicable European standards. Fixed parts that are viewed during the inspection are:

Visual inspection of, among other things, yokes, beams, shelves, and wishbones. It looks at the deformation and uneven loads that can lead to damage. This is done per the NEN-EN 15635 standard.

Checking all warehouse racks for existing damage and/or wear and tear.

Safety assessment. According to the NPR 5055-1 standard, this must be guaranteed at all times.

Control of the securing and crossing of pallets.

In addition, the presence of protection for the racks is also examined. For example, you can use rack protectors or crash protection to make the use of the racks safer.

Complete warehouse inspection

Our expert inspectors can inspect more than just your racks during an inspection. You can also request a complete warehouse inspection, which, among other things, looks at the existing walking paths, speeds, and how you can deal with this safely. For example, you can ask for advice about the warehouse layout.

Of course, we also thoroughly check all warehouse racks so that everything in your warehouse meets the legal requirements. We will provide feedback on any points of attention or maintenance in a clear and concise report.

Request inspection of the scaffolding

Request an inspection: Would you like to request an assessment of your warehouse racks to see if repairs or extra maintenance are needed?

Then make an appointment with the inspectors of Wijkeurenstellingen.nl, and we will ensure that your warehouse racks are inspected.

You can always contact us for more information or questions about our inspections.

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